Erasmus Student Network Latvia (Erasmus Studentu Tīkls Latvija) is part of the largest student association in Europe; called the Erasmus Student Network (ESN AISBL), it is present in more than 500 Higher Education Institutions in 39 counties. ESN Latvia serves as a link between ESN AISBL and the 4 Latvian sections.

The Goals of ESN Latvia:

  • Enhance the academic and social integration of international students and the reintegration of local studens  after their return from academic exchange
  • Advocacy of the interests of the international students and students who have been involved in exchange programmes in Latvia;
  • To create an environment of understanding between different cultures within different nationalities by using informal education methods;
  • Promote the study and traineeship mobility as part of the study process in Latvia;
  • The internationalisation of Latvian Higher Education and making Latvian Higher Education more popular and accessible for international students;
  • Support and promote the development and cooperation of the member sections of ESN Latvia. 

At the moment ESN Latvia unites 4 sections working in 4 Higher Education Institutions all across Latvia. The Members of ESN Latvia are:

  • ESN Riga (University of Latvia | since 2003)
  • ESN Jelgava (Latvia University of Agriculture | Since 2014)
  • ESN Valmiera (Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences | Since 2015)
  • ESN Liepāja (Liepaja University | Since 2015)