Spotahome offers 25% off the reservation fee for all Erasmus students.

We’ve checked the homes. You choose them. Find the perfect one today with Spotahome.

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Spotahome is the ultimate in international, mid-to-long term accommodation.


So, what do you do?

It’s simple.

We visit the property for you. We take photos of it. We even do a video tour and show you around the place.

We then put all this information in a handy listing, including bills, property features, the landlord’s policies and our photos and video.

When you make a booking request, we handle everything via email - no awkward phone conversations here.

And because we’re online, that means our properties are searchable from your phone or laptop, 24hrs a day.


So, say I want to use Spotahome. What can I do?

Search by city, by price range, by your dates, by bedroom types, by bills included… by everything you need!

Make a booking request for one of our properties, and you’ll get a response from the landlord within 24hrs.

You can also set up personalised property alerts to receive updates on new properties that match your needs.

And even if you can’t book a property, we’ll assign you an agent to find you something else. Cos we’re helpful like that.

    So, why use Spotahome?

    • Sort out your accommodation months in advance.

    • Save yourself the stress of going on multiple property visits - we do it for you.

    • Booking Agents to guide you through your journey.

    • Do all this from the comfort of your bed.


    Okay, I’m interested.

    Awesome. Don’t forget to use the promo code:  ESN25 to get your 25% discount off the reservation fee when booking!