Since August of 2015 ESN Latvia is managed by the National Board (NB). The main tasks of NB are
to represent ESN Latvia nationally and internationally (by attending International Events of ESN AISBL), support the
local sections and enhance their cooperation and development.

The main decision making event of ESN Latvia is the National Assembly; its organisation is monitored
by the NB. Furthermore, the NB is responsible of the plenary programme during the event. National Assemblies are
organised 2 times per year.

The National Board consists of 6 members, elected in the Summer National Platform. Their mandate starts on 1 August
and ends on 31 July.

Anna Belova, President of ESN Latvia Šarlote Elza Medne, Vice-President of ESN Latvia
Paula Patrīcija Avotiņa, National Representative of ESN Latvia Samanta Baumane, Education Officer of ESN Latvia
Laura Švēde, Communication Manager of ESN Latvia Aigars Pluģis, Web Projects Administrator/Manager of ESN Latvia